My son had been carefully watching the tide charts, moon phases and weather reports for several weeks and announced that he found a day which everything lined up.  I looked at the calendar and told him that I didn’t want him to take a day out of school to fish.  The fish would be there long after school was out and his education was far more important than a trip to the Cape.

He went back to his charts and told me that the next time everything would line up was June 19th.  This happened to be the first day of summer vacation.  The night before, we reviewed our plug selection and re-spooled our reels with fresh braid.

I woke him up at 2 am and loaded our gear and bikes into the truck for the 90 minute ride to the Cape Cod Canal.  Upon arriving, we loaded our bikes and began the dark ride in search of the perfect spot, as motorized vehicles are not allowed on the access roads.  We arrived at our spot early and began to prepare.

At first, it was slow, but as sunrise approached, the striped bass appeared.  We tried several plug selections, to no avail.  Then we found the combination that they were looking for and they began to strike.  In a little over an hour, we caught and released nine fish, with the biggest approaching 4 feet long.  Good planning and perseverance paid off and my son had a day he would long remember.

As with fishing, being successful in business follows the same rules.  You must be prepared and plan for uncertainty.  You must have the right tools and equipment to complete tasks successfully.  You must offer your customers what they desire, in a timely fashion.

Here at the Coghlin Companies PCB operation, we offer high quality board assembly services using the latest flexible equipment to exceed our customers’ high expectations.  We are very experienced with both classic lead processes and RoHS (lead free) processes.

As with fishing, careful planning and choosing the correct equipment and partner will guarantee success for your printed circuit assembly requirements.  Please consider Columbia Tech for your printed circuit board assembly needs.

Phil Provencal
Vice President, PCB Operations
Columbia Tech

a day in the surf