Well, the holidays are right around the corner! Where did the time go this year?? We’ve blogged in the past about how great the Coghlin Companies employees are…kind, compassionate, and caring.

Recently, the kind, compassionate, caring employees came through during a deeply troubling time for one of their own. A wonderful woman and her two children lost their husband/father to cancer a short time ago. While he fought a very hard battle to stay alive for his family, he ultimately lost. Sometimes we don’t know these people who touch our lives in some small way, and sometimes we do. It doesn’t matter. When one is hurting and in trouble, we come together. We don’t always need to know the person who is in trouble. We just need to be kind, compassionate and caring.

A few weeks ago the Coghlin Companies held a food drive to benefit the Pernet Family Health Services in Worcester. The food boxes put together by Pernet will go to the “poorest of the poor” in the Worcester Community. Whatever is left over will go into their pantry for future distribution. Also, for the next few weeks, we are holding a coat drive in conjunction with the Grafton Lions Club. Thanks to the kind, compassionate and caring Coghlin Companies associates, many people will have food on the table at Thanksgiving, and a warm coat for the cold winter nights.

Remember those in need during the holiday season!

Happy Thanksgiving!