United Way at CoghlinJim Coghlin, Chief Operating Officer at Columbia Tech and Principal, Coghlin Companies Inc., said a spirit of philanthropy is instilled in the Coghlin Companies thanks to a family belief in giving back. “Growing up around the kitchen table we’d hear, ‘The joy is in the giving,’” he said. Jim Coghlin is the driving force behind the Coghlin Companies’ annual campaign to support the United Way.

Coghlin kicked off their annual three week drive on May 3rd with an ice cream social and speakers from agencies who relay what they’ve accomplished with United Way funds. The Coghlin crowd also heard from some of those directly touched by United Way organizations. “Most of our associates live in the central Massachusetts area and some knew the speakers as well as organizations,” said Coghlin. “A lot of people give back because they’ve been affected or know someone who was positively affected.”

In addition to offering ice cream, Coghlin sweetens the deal with incentives for the associates. One of the best rewards – a day off with pay. “For those who give at least five dollars per pay period, we offered to raffle a day off with pay for 10 winners,” said Coghlin. For those giving $10 or more, there’s a similar raffle, a paid day off, and a way to spend it – watching a new LED television. “Hopefully people are motivated to give for the cause alone, but a little fun can help motivate, too,” said Jim.

This year’s campaign drive was the most successful in recent history for Coghlin Companies. “We had a fantastic campaign,” said Coghlin. “We had more people participate this year than in any of the last 10 campaigns.” When the final numbers were tallied, Coghlin associates increased their total contributions by more than 35% over last year’s campaign. “This is a true testament to our associates; walking the talk that giving back to the community remains a core value of the Coghlin Companies,” added Jim.

Members of the Coghlin families have supported The United Way for decades with dollars as well as time; in fact there have been three generations of the Coghlin family who have chaired the overall campaign for the United Way of Central Massachusetts.

A former chairperson, Jim Coghlin, still serves on the board of the United Way of Central Massachusetts and enjoys the full circle perspective the role provides. “I have the opportunity to have a voice in seeing where the resources go,” he said. “Our associates can be confident their dollars are going to solid organizations which are generating results. We’re looking out for them.”

The Coghlin Companies also shares its community philosophies with customers and suppliers, showing that giving back is a core value of the firm. “The more successful we are as a company, the more opportunities we have to give back,” said Coghlin. “Jim Coghlin, Sr., my brother Chris and I all donate personally, and we make a company gift as well. We would never ask our associates to give to something we don’t support ourselves.”