Worcester’s universities are back in session.  Supporting higher education, Coghlin Companies recently hosted some of the budding entrepreneurs from Clark University led by Bill Laursen, VP of Sales and Strategy.

Professor Steven Rothschild and students in his Innovations and Entrepreneurship capstone course toured Columbia Tech, DCI Engineering and Cogmedix.  The students tour was quite informative in that they learned about DCI’s contract engineering and product development, Columbia Tech’s contract manufacturing, and Cogmedix’s medical device manufacturing.  They also heard all about first generation founder and CEO of the company, John P. Coghlin who was an engineer, manufacturer and entrepreneur in the late 1800s and whose innovations and inventions were some of the first industrial uses of electricity.

Beyond historical aspects, students learned that working with contract manufacturing and engineering companies like DCI Engineering, Columbia Tech and Cogmedix enables entrepreneurs to design and manufacture technologically advanced products without having their own engineers and without owning their own facilities.   As Bill Laursen explained so well to the students, the beauty of Coghlin Companies is that if one month a client has no sales and the next month that same client has booming sales, they can easily account for these variations in demand.  At the beginning of the month, or sales cycle, the client works with Coghlin Companies to determine how many units need to be manufactured based on orders they’ve received.  Coghlin Companies takes it from there.

The students were very excited to have the opportunity to learn about Coghlin Companies and tour the facilities.  The tour gave the class a firsthand look at the myriad of manufacturing spaces and types of products currently being worked on.  Students were left with a sense of awe at the efficiency and capabilities of the different Coghlin Companies business units.  They went back to their classroom having learned more about innovation and entrepreneurship, and ready to start building their own businesses.

Innovations and Entrepreneurship course