by Chad Burdick – Director of Manufacturing Operations

Lean manufacturing is a logical collection of practices, methodologies, and tools implemented with the express goal of reducing costs and improving efficiency. The core concept involves maximizing customer value while minimizing waste. Simply put, “lean” means creating more value for customers while using fewer resources to do so.

A lean organization understands – and focuses its key processes to continuously increase – customer value. The goal is to provide ultimate value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste, and maximizing customer value while minimizing waste is exactly what Cogmedix, a medical device contract manufacturing company, specializing in complex electro-mechanical devices with a growing niche in laser based medical products, strives to do every single day.

Embarking on a lean journey is a major commitment for any company, and Cogmedix is fully committed to creating value for our customers while creating efficiencies supplying world class medical devices. Cogmedix is streamlining processes, mentoring associates, and building a committed team that embraces a culture of continuous improvement.

While implementing and practicing lean tools is very important, associate engagement in the creation of lean manufacturing is necessary for long term success. Rewarding associates for their creativity improving product and process is vital to sustained improvements.

Here at Cogmedix, we maximize our customer value through small consistent improvements, implementation of lean tools, and associate engagement.  By maximizing our value to the customer, we create sustainable business partnerships that bring incredibly important medical devices to the world.

Chad Burdick

Director of Manufacturing Operations