Columbia Tech recently hosted a group of college interns from the Franklin MA campus of EMC Corporation. Similar gatherings have taken place every year, with Columbia Tech hosting a group of talented engineering and business management students from local high schools and universities throughout the US enrolled in EMC’s summer internship program.

Chris Coghlin, President and CEO of Columbia Tech, and Sarah Fisher, Sales and Marketing Communications Associate, shared a company overview with the students, and then toured them through two core manufacturing and engineering facilities located in Westborough, MA. Chris also took time to share some words of wisdom and advice about what it takes to launch and establish a successful career, as well as providing invaluable insight as to what it is like growing up around the dinner table of a third-generation family business owner.

“We at Columbia Tech feel it’s incredibly important to nurture and invest in the future of our workforce,” he said after the event. “We will continue to work directly with high school and college students, helping them understand just how rewarding – both personally and professionally – a career here at Columbia Tech can be.”

The event concluded with lunch and a visit from members of the 15-40 Connection who came to talk to the students about early cancer detection and overall health awareness, and encouraged them to become involved in 15-40 Connection initiatives at their school.

It was a very productive day and we hope the students were able to enjoy it as much as we did!