By John Georgian, Quality Engineer

Columbia Tech Holiday GivingColumbia Tech’s commitment to meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations can be found in multiple examples everyday throughout the company.  One particular example is an onsite support setup with one of our biggest and longest standing customers.  Columbia Tech has had a Quality Engineer on-site for six years now at a major customer location.  The on-site QE has been responsible for interfacing with the customer production group on a daily basis providing real time assembly, quality and engineering feedback with the customer’s supply chain group.  This interaction has provided a wealth of information resulting in process improvements to Columbia Tech and the customer’s production process, customer documentation enhancement and clarification, real time support to material discrepancies, and overall relationship strengthening across the board.

One special event comes each holiday season when we get to say thank you to our customer’s inner forces.  A list of names is generated from the customer’s production, engineering, supply chain, and NPI groups.  We make the list here and check it twice.  Once we have a count of deliveries, special packages are made up which include a coffee gift card along with some homemade Baklava.  The packages are wrapped in a ribbon and a thank you tag from Columbia Tech.  The gifts are always well received and allow us to give back directly to those who are on the front lines everyday making our relationship transparent and successful.

To each one who receives our gesture of thanks, it makes all the difference in the world.  Meeting or exceeding customer’s expectations isn’t just about reviewing written notes on a drawing or a PO.  It is about building and sustaining relationships that mean something REAL to those to whom we provide services.  That is what Columbia Tech is and has always been about.  I am proud to be part of such caring, compassionate and relationship focused organization.