I joined Columbia Tech approximately seven years ago. Since starting, my career has been filled with excitement and ultimately a great deal of satisfaction.  Leading CT’s Test Department comes with a great deal of technical diversity and inherent responsibility. My responsibility and charter are to ensure our customers receive high quality, functionally tested product, which meets and exceeds mutually defined specifications in accordance with their everyday varying delivery needs.  To achieve this objective, we carefully selected a diverse group of highly trained technicians whose expertise ranges from industrial electrical testing and troubleshooting to government satellite communication verification and RF experience.  We work closely with our customers to ensure we understand their needs and to make certain we create a path for consistent, repeatable testing results ensuring high quality and unsurpassed reliability.

Creating repeatable and successful testing results frequently requires my team to co-author and co-design comprehensive test fixture plans and procedures for customer approval and signoff.  These offerings are the benchmark to efficiency and ultimately high quality assemblies as they are scaled and deployed globally.

For example, our Test team was challenged to engage in what is termed R.A.D (Rapid Application Development) for an array of sub-assemblies requiring varying degrees of complex RF testing. In parallel with the manufacture of these assemblies, we had to race against the clock to conceptualize, plan, then manufacture several test fixtures to ensure functional reliability and consistent manufacturing quality so that scalability would be assured. With the R.A.D approach, our team was able to help our customer quickly develop, prove, then improve and refine their functional design. This was not only accomplished through rapid fixture design and fabrication, but through the collected statistical results we were able to offer to our customer using reliable and stable test processes.

In summary, working in unison with our customers, we will do whatever it takes to ensure their visions and expectations of product verification and test are fully realized with the highest level of quality and service possible to ensure they are positioned for market share gains and ultimately, to be industry leaders.

Wayne Plume, Manager, Columbia Tech Test Department