Columbia Tech has been selected as the recipient of Worcester Business Journal’s Manufacturing Excellence Award for Collaboration in Manufacturing. This award illustrates the importance of building strong relationships with suppliers and product development partners who have complementary skills, which continues to be an integral part of the Columbia Tech and Coghlin Companies core values.

Worcester Business Journal’s 2016 Manufacturing Excellence Awards

This year marks the first annual Worcester Business Journal Manufacturing Excellence Awards, an honor designed to recognize organizations that have made significant contributions to the Massachusetts manufacturing community.

Columbia Tech associates demonstrate their award winning collaboration skills as a team works together to assemble capital equipment.

Columbia Tech associates demonstrate their award-winning collaboration skills as a team works together to assemble capital equipment.

Nominees were selected for awards that recognize manufacturing contributions, such as building successful business partnerships, prototyping, training their workforces, saving energy, and new product innovation. Being nominated and selected for the Collaboration in Manufacturing Award is truly gratifying, and the Caring Associates at Columbia Tech could not be more proud to be among the winners. Other award recipients include Phillips Precision, Inc. for Product Design & Innovation, Space Age Electronics, Inc. for General Excellence, and Aaron Industries Corporation for Green Manufacturing. To read the full list of winners, click here.

Strong Relationships Guide Success

This award was particularly meaningful, as collaboration is at the heart of the Columbia Tech philosophy. With decades of experience in managing and leveraging the complex relationships between OEMs and strategic suppliers, Columbia Tech has been working diligently to strengthen and utilize their Referral Alliance Network (RAN) to its fullest potential. The RAN formally aligns Columbia Tech with a group of highly respected engineering and manufacturing companies throughout the region; these companies supply specialized services to the product development lifecycle that complements Columbia Tech’s vast offerings. When companies seeking product development and production solutions come to Columbia Tech for help, Caring Associates are always ready to respond.

“We develop deep and trustful relationships,” said Columbia Tech President and CEO Chris Coghlin. “When the phone rings, or when a lead comes in, it means someone needs product development or manufacturing assistance immediately. We take great pleasure putting them in the hands of a trusted partner if the inquiry is not an immediate fit for our company.”

Beyond collaboration with customers and suppliers through the Referral Alliance Network, Columbia Tech boasts a corporate culture centered on teamwork; all Caring Associates work together to bring world-class capital equipment to market at WARP SPEED™. Both internal teamwork and strong supplier and client relationships have contributed to Columbia Tech’s growth and mission to redefine contract manufacturing as a collaborative process with a dedicated focus on speed and service with high, unsurpassed quality.

A Manufacturing Service Designed to Help You Succeed

Establishing trusting partnerships with clients and suppliers is one way Columbia Tech works to ensure your products are brought to market at WARP SPEED™. The Caring Associates at Columbia Tech are truly honored to be credited with this award and will continue to practice open, trustworthy collaboration with their manufacturing partners to ensure the continued growth and success of the Massachusetts manufacturing industry.