Bain and Company, a prestigious global management consulting firm has done massive amounts of research supporting the fact that superior customer satisfaction directly impacts the growth of a business. By surveying customers for their satisfaction level with the services they have received, companies gain new insights into the customers’ needs and behaviors. This information can generate solutions to problems that the company may not have been aware of, and keep customers coming back. Coghlin Companies and its subsidiaries understand this completely, sending out a customer satisfaction survey every quarter. The results of Columbia Tech’s Q4 survey were outstanding!

The recent report informed employees,

“The Q4 customer satisfaction survey was sent to 39 customers and all responded! That is 100% response rate. This is the best response rate we’ve seen since we began tracking our results. Our individual question scores went up in six of the seven categories; all seven questions scored a 4.0 or higher. AWESOME RESULTS! We’ve not seen that in an entire year. Accuracy and Service along with Responsiveness to RFQ recorded the largest improvement. The overall 7 question average exceeded last quarter’s results coming in at 4.26. Once again thanks to all of our associates for their hard work and dedication. The graph of these results is hung on the Continuous Quality Improvement bulletin boards around the company.”

Some customer feedback and comments can be seen below.

Large Medical Instrumentation Company:
“On behalf of our company and the A2O Project Team, Jen and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the team at Columbia Tech for meeting our most recent delivery requirements on the 200152PC and 200155PC prototype boards. We understand that a lot of extra time and effort was put in by many individuals. Because of this, all engineering is able to begin the EMI testing to make sure these boards are acceptable with our A2O Instrument. Preliminary testing shows that the new design is doing what was expected and can be processed to official Class A testing this week. Please pass on our thanks to everyone at Columbia Tech who made this possible. We would also like to commend Columbia Tech on their responsiveness and efforts shown throughout the many challenges that have been presented during the development process of the A2O Osmometer. Great Job!”

Medical Prospective Customer:
“Chris, it was our pleasure to host you and your team yesterday. We appreciate your partnership and look forward to visiting your facility in the near future as you begin to build our product. Thank you for taking the time and having the interest to come and visit us”.

Large Medical Laser Company:
“With the NA market kicking back in- we got back to firing on all cylinders. We definitely feel like we’re back in the game. This should provide a good foundation to build on as we move forward”.

Results such as these can be great motivation for a company to continue working hard to meet their customers’ expectations. Feedback is very important to Coghlin Companies and they will continue to survey their customers in order to constructively and effectively build their relationships.