As the Manager of Bid and Proposal at Columbia Tech I have the unique opportunity to work with our customers from the very beginning. From when they introduce themselves to us right through the capabilities overview, reference checking process and right up to receiving a Bid package. An example of the great service our group provides would be one of our customers who recently came to us with a package containing thousands of parts (electronics, plastics, sheet metal, machined parts etc.) and the immediate need to know what the cost of their product was going to be if it was outsourced to us.

They needed an answer in just a few weeks! The request was very challenging due to the size of the requirement, documentation provided and the short quote window, but as usual, we took the challenge and worked with our customer and interacted everyday on different matters to meet this important commitment.

In the end, we met this rigorous challenge and we did provide our customer with a timely proposal that met their financial expectations. After only a few months and a tremendous amount of commitment from both teams, it has been so rewarding to be a part of winning the business, and even more so, watching this relationship grow rapidly and with a very high level of satisfaction. I am very proud of my team and I am grateful to have been able to be part of this process and help both our customer and our company grow this important business relationship.

About the Blogger:

Alexis Vallejos is the Manager of Bid and Proposal at Columbia Tech, a Coghlin Company.