Columbia Tech is committed to bringing your innovative product designs to market at WARP SPEED. That’s why we’ve implemented the principles of Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing at our facilities. Lean manufacturing has a long history with the manufacturing industry, beginning with Henry Ford of Ford Motor Company and Taiichi Ohno of Toyota. These two individuals developed manufacturing principles that emphasized the elimination of waste and the increased velocity of processes for a smoother, more efficient manufacturing floor. The ideas implemented at their auto making facilities have become guiding principles for manufacturers in every industry type all over the world.

Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Quality Processes

Under the guiding principles of lean manufacturing, we determine value by what will be most important to you, the customer. Wasteful processes, uneven workloads, and material waste are eliminated to achieve the most efficient manufacturing system possible. Columbia Tech’s Caring Associates are able to assist you with the engineering and design phases of your products to ensure that each one is designed for manufacturability.

Six Sigma is closely related to lean manufacturing, but it takes the idea a step further by outlining a set of techniques and tools for process improvement. “Six Sigma” refers to terminology associated with statistical modeling for manufacturing processes. A “six sigma” process is one in which 99.99966% of all production is expected to be defect-free.

Six Sigma Manufacturing strives for consistent, predictable, and stable results. It believes that one of the best ways to measure success is by actually measuring it—this calls for the measurement and analysis of all manufacturing processes. A close attention to detail is required from all levels of a Six Sigma company, but upper-level management is specifically expected to preserve the Six Sigma principles.

Six Sigma assigns roles to employees and upper management to help maintain commitment to the improvement of process and efficiency. The roles are modeled after the colored belt system used in martial arts. Under Six Sigma, employees are designated as Executive Leaders, Champions, Master Black Belts, Black Belts, or Green Belts.

Eliminating Opportunities for Error Achieves Faster Lead Times for the Best Market Advantage

A company that utilizes both lean manufacturing and Six Sigma practices becomes a high-speed manufacturing pipeline able to maintain consistent, high-quality results and operational excellence. Problems are identified and resolved early to prevent costly product loss and wasted time. We’ve also seen these models transform our team into a collaborative powerhouse well-versed in the principles of efficient manufacturing.

Our management team is constantly working with our Caring Associates on the manufacturing floor to identify potential issues and gather innovative ideas for faster processing times. Recently, seven of our Caring Associates completed the internal Green Belt training program for Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing. An exam sponsored by the American Society of Quality was administered this December to test our Associates’ knowledge of the Lean Six Sigma principles.

lean six sigma manufacturing

Our lean team will surely be an asset to the company; they will help us become a more-efficient product manufacturing resource for you!