Cultural Pillar Mentor Program

The Cultural Pillar Mentor Program is designed to provide interested Caring Associates with the opportunity to broaden their perspective at the Coghlin Companies by learning and experiencing the core values and history that make us who we are. Over the course of the year, Mentees will be matched up with a Cultural Pillar Mentor to receive meaningful guidance and exposure to the diversity of people, facilities, values, and initiatives of the Coghlin Companies through a variety of tasks. Over time, Mentors and Mentees alike will gain special insights into the Coghlin Companies overall operation, and further develop and deepen relationships with Coghlin Companies leaders. 

The primary goal of the mentorship program is to share these philosophies and our company culture, and help develop additional future leaders within our organization.

Cultural Pillar Mentor Program Application 

Please provide complete responses to the following questions (all fields required):

  • PLEASE NOTE: if there are more applicants than there are mentors available, participants will be selected through a blind draw process.

A Coghlin Companies Caring Associate…

  • Comes to work on time every day.
  • Adheres to all company procedures and policies.
  • Escalates whenever they are uncertain and never guesses.
  • Is respectful of their workplace and their fellow caring associates.
  • Makes suggestions to leadership when they see opportunities for improvement.
  • Focuses on creating exceptional customer experiences each day.
  • Does “whatever it takes” to preserve the legacy and integrity of the Coghlin Companies brand.

A Coghlin Companies Cultural Pillar…

  • Embodies all the qualities of a Caring Associate – can “walk the walk.”
  • Can articulate the mission and values of the Coghlin Companies – “talks the talk.”
  • Works every day to coach and advocate for other Caring Associates.
  • Is recognized as a positive influencer amongst colleagues.
  • Is committed to improving and sustaining a healthy company culture at the Coghlin Companies.
  • Understands and champions the success of Coghlin Companies Caring Associates.