by: Sarah Fisher

You may have noticed that we recently added a new video to our home page! We hope it leaves you with a lasting impression! This new video captures the essence of who we are and why we exist, highlighting our core foundational values of flexibility, integrity and trust that have been the cornerstone of our company for more than 130 years! It is also intended to share our “Time to Market at WARP SPEED™” vision in a vibrant and energetic way, depicting how we leverage talented resources, world-class facilities, our global supply chain network, and an industry-leading quality system to provide our clients with the greatest opportunity to make the IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE as it relates to product development and bringing their ideas to life…

Sit back, take a look and let us know what you think…………..SPEED MATTERS!




For those unable to view video, the full transcript is below:
[CLAPPING] This is where dreams are made. Right here, in our world-class facilities. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is where companies turn big ideas into big business; where visionaries come to make those visions appear. Where entrepreneurs go with seeds of brilliance to grow legacies that change how every one of us lives. This, right here, is where impossible comes to die. Since 1885, Coghlin Companies has been building the most innovative products for the most innovative companies in the world. We take concepts to commercialization at sound barrier speeds. Rattling the ears of the competition desperate to keep pace. Opportunities never wait. Markets never sleep. We eliminate delays from every stage of product development through full-scale manufacturing. But being great is just as important as being first. If timeliness is our lifeblood, excellence is our oxygen. We wouldn’t survive without it. Not for long, anyway. Not for 130 years, certainly. And we know that every single client breathes the same air we do. That’s why we are vertically integrated, but only where it matters. While we are quality certified from top to bottom, while we leverage our immense global supply chain to get the right components for the right project at the right price, no matter what corner of the earth it’s hiding in, doing it right and doing it best is just part of our DNA. At Coghlin, we partner with companies to design and manufacture the most complex products, technology, and capital equipment in the world. But at the end of the day, what we really build is trust. [MUSIC PLAYING] [CLAPPING]