There’s been a few blogs written lately about how nice it is to work at Coghlin Companies, how happy and friendly the people are, and how everyone gets along.

Truer words were never spoken when recently one of our co-workers’ house was invaded mid-day while everyone was at work and everything of value was taken – jewelry (some family jewelry from the “old country”), TV’s, laptops, X-Box, ipods, etc. The family not only lost very expensive, albeit replaceable items, but also lost some irreplaceable items.

In a collective effort to show her how much we care (because we do think of ourselves as “family”!), word spread that we were collecting money to help them replace some of the things that were stolen. The “family” collected over $1200!! When we presented her with this money, she was overwhelmed with joy and the knowledge that we all love and care about her. Her son was especially happy since he received a new laptop and TV!

We brought her into the cafeteria to present her with the cash and the following tribute to her written by Mike Sabatalo.

“We know that there isn’t anything that can replace the sentimental value of the things that were taken during your home invasion. There are a lot of people here at Columbia Tech that care about you and wanted to help you in some way in replacing what your family has lost. Please accept this gift from your co-workers in helping you through this painful and difficult time.”

In time of need, we pull together. The power of friendship and the extended Coghlin Companies family!

Nora Leonard

Executive Assistant