Military Manufacturing and Defense Manufacturing

Military and Defense Contractors Save Money

Coghlin Companies allows military and defense contractors to engineer and manufacture products without the expense of establishing their own production facilities to meet increased demand. Military and defense contractors from start-ups to world renowned companies such as Raytheon and General Dynamics rely on Coghlin Companies’ Columbia Tech unit to increase time to market and decrease manufacturing costs, without sacrificing quality or compliance, and without risk of intellectual property.

Secure, Confidential, and Compliant Defense Manufacturing and Military Manufacturing

Coghlin Companies is RoHS compliant, ITAR registered and adheres to Mil-Spec assembly standards where required. Additionally, Coghlin Companies is ready with restricted access segregated work cells to assure total confidentiality of the products we design and build for military and defense customers when required. This enables Coghlin Companies to rapidly manufacture reliable and compliant products for military and defense applications that are safe and cost effective, as well as secure and confidential.

Defense and Military Manufacturing for Various Applications

Coghlin Companies services military and defense contactors with varying product needs ranging from US optronic and periscope systems, hard drive shredders, mechanical structures for optical imaging systems, infrared technology products, explosion detection systems, x-ray detection systems and more.

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