New Product Introduction

Coghlin Companies’ New product introduction is a cross-functional business process included in the Coghlin Companies Quality Manual with a clear focus on meeting or exceeding mutually defined expectations related to a product launch. A successful New Product Introduction demands that integration of the product design and the development processes are aligned with your business and product strategy. Coghlin Companies provides experienced prototyping and new product development services from product introduction through volume manufacturing.

Benefits of the New Product Introduction Process

While early engagement provides the greatest opportunity for design and process improvement, Coghlin Companies’ New product introduction process provides a framework that allows engagement at any point in a product's life cycle and ensures constant focus and attention to customer needs. As a result, Coghlin Companies is able to get the product to market quicker than competing contract manufacturing service companies.

Full Spectrum of Contract Manufacturing Support

A program manager supported by the Director of New Product Introduction and a focused customer team navigates the customer’s product through every stage of the New Product Introduction process, successfully avoiding a loss of continuity as the product shifts from a prototype environment, through initial ramp up, to sustainable volume manufacturing.

There are major advantages to having a manufacturing partner who offers such a comprehensive New Product Introduction program. At Coghlin Companies the New Product Introduction staff takes the customer design and makes sure it is ready for manufacturing and testing prior to the formal product launch. The customer has constant support from the development all the way through the completion of the manufacturing process.

Coghlin Companies meet all New Product Introduction requirements as follows:

  • Rapid prototype
  • Strong ECO control
  • Minimum ECO implementation cycle time
  • Flexibility in scheduling prototypes
  • BOM analysis
  • Management of the supply base
  • Planning analysis
  • Leveraging of tiered suppliers
  • Component engineering support
  • DFM analysis/build summary reports
  • Quality data management system
  • Worldwide commodity management
  • Test / Inspection procedure creation / validation
  • Shipping, packaging, crating, and fulfillment management

Business success is dependent on successful New Product Introduction. The goal of Coghlin Companies’ New Product Introduction program is the seamless transition of prototypes to the production environment with no impact on the customer’s schedule. Coghlin Companies have made a significant investment and ongoing commitment to the New Product Introduction program, which has already proven successful for many new products. The Coghlin Companies solution ensures that every New Product Introduction gets the responsive attention it needs and enables timely and successful product launches for the customers time after time.

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