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Reduce Your Time to Market with a Product Development Engineering Leader

Coghlin Companies is the global product development leader of capital equipment designed for a wide variety of industries and applications. Clients recognize that Coghlin Companies provides significant savings in their time to market, reduced internal overhead and shorter development cycle times.

Networked Product Engineering Firm

The Coghlin product development team is comprised of nearly 50 in-house engineers and highly skilled technicians with a broad base of product development experience including software, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, finite element analysis, HALT, HASS, safety, and compliance experience. Qualified partners in optics, RF, human traits and industrial design round out core capabilities while enabling a best in class rate structure which is typically 30-50% lower than product development engineering competitors or boutique engineering firms. Also, post product development Coghlin Companies offers world class contract manufacturing, global fulfillment, field support, parts fulfillment and product refurbishment. Most product development engineering competitors and boutique engineering firms are not able to do this.

Minimize Scope Creep and Lower Product Engineering Costs

While typical product development firms charge rates in excess of $100 per hour and earn a living off scope creep, Coghlin Companies does whatever it can to shorten the product development cycle. This is accomplished by limiting change traffic to only essential items, using commercially available parts whenever possible, specking in pre-qualified vendors from Coghlin Companies’ global supply chain, utilizing pre-existing freight agreements, and Coghlin Companies’ massive purchasing power. With Coghlin Companies, quality and lead-time expectations are in place reducing your time to market. Coghlin Companies is known for speed, getting your idea to market ahead of your competitors enabling you to enjoy higher gross margin, assured product placement, service contracts and brand loyalty. With hundreds of years of combined engineering experience in bringing new products to market on behalf of clients in industries that include ground-based airline equipment, fuels cell technology, wireless equipment, telecom, LED equipment, semiconductor wafer and metrology, detection, food service, defense, Coghlin is the proven choice for product development and time to market success.

Transparent Product Development Engineering Process

Coghlin Companies’ partnered approach of defining actions, milestones, and responsibilities and then holding each other accountable to a successful and measurable engineering and manufacturing plan enables great results time after time. Coghlin Companies provides dashboard reporting on a weekly basis for all development programs highlighting percentage of completion versus budgeted cost in each area, as well as highlighting key milestone accomplishments and “high risk” areas so that they can be openly discussed early on for prompt resolution. Coupling this along with formal, rev controlled, NPI process encompassing disciplined prototype, pilot and then scaled production programs provides clients results they thought could only be attained internally. With today's shrinking budgets and critical timelines you need Coghlin Companies professional standards and flexibility.

Product Engineering Labs and Manufacturing Space

With over 160,000 square feet of first class, high-bay manufacturing space including drive-in loading docks, coupled with independent product development labs and portable class 10,000 clean rooms for total security, compliance adherence and confidentiality, Coghlin Companies experiences and referable personnel have the wherewithal to assist you in a vast array of product development services and systems of all shapes and sizes.

Reduce Your Product Engineering Timeline

Coghlin has earned a reputation of significantly reducing the product development timeline for dozens of OEM's enabling them to generate more sales, service contracts, brand loyalty and next generation placements from their customers. Coghlin Companies goal is to shorten the timeline of development programs and lead-times of product shipments to our clients enabling them to attain or maintain the status as a global industry leader.

What can Coghlin Companies do for you?

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