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Flexible Prototype Manufacturing

Coghlin Companies advanced prototyping services derive from expertise in design, engineering, and contract manufacturing. Real-world product development can require prototyping services to reflect rapidly changing needs. Coghlin Companies has the flexibility to cope with rapid prototype design changes. Coghlin can then seamlessly transition prototype manufacturing projects into full volume production. Coghlin integrates business, engineering and manufacturing expertise to meet clients' early product lifecycle targets.

Cable and Harness Manufacturing

Coghlin Companies provides high quality domestic Prototyping Services

Prototyping Services for New Product Introduction

Coghlin’s dedicated New Product Introduction (NPI) team manages every detail of New Product Introductions, from prototype runs to pilot production. The New Product Introduction team includes mechanical, electrical, software, quality, and manufacturing engineers, working together to ensure the highest degrees of technical excellence and execution.

The initial phase of our NPI team is to examine the product documentation to ensure any potential obstacles are discovered and resolved prior to production in order to minimize the need for additional design changes. Then our materials and engineering teams work closely with our customers and suppliers to meet aggressive prototype launch timelines. Capital equipment in place at Coghlin Companies, such as flying probe, AOI, and X-ray inspection, helps to reduce up front tooling costs for small production builds and keeps prototype costs low.

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