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Comprehensive Test Equipment Design Solutions

Test Equipment Design

Coghlin Companies has full turnkey services to support custom test equipment design, production, installation, commissioning, qualification, training, service, maintenance, upgrades and performance monitoring, as well as asset tracking of test systems deployed worldwide. This spans the entire Coghlin Companies organization including DCI Engineering, Columbia Tech Manufacturing, and Columbia Tech Global Field Service. You may choose to select any or all of these services in order to meet its expanding production demands and higher quality levels at its manufacturing facilities worldwide to significantly reduce brand tarnishing and potential damage occurring as a result of nonconforming product.

What does Test Equipment Design and Deployment involve?

DCI Engineering will work with your engineering department or designated third parties as required to establish test and screening criteria for the various products considered for test. DCI will then provide a proposal for the test system design and alternatives. This includes a full design service which would include environmental shock and vibration, electrical margin testing, diagnostic, logging and network interfacing. Implementation could integrate off the shelf components, rack solutions, your existing test equipment or full custom electronic and packaging design. Test equipment development services may include both new test equipment design or retrofitting and upgrading existing equipment.

In addition to prototype development, DCI can provide pilot planning and assembly for rapid deployment of multiple units from engineering documentation. If the intent is to produce the units in large quantities over an extended period of time, DCI may be further contracted to produce full manufacturing documentation, work instructions, and/or service manuals. DCI will provide complete “as built” engineering documentation for each system developed in accordance with your work standards.

Columbia Tech Manufacturing will provide build to print services for larger scale, lower cost deployment when complete manufacturing documentation and time is available for routine manufacture and global deployment. Columbia Tech inventory control systems can be used to maintain local and remote spare parts inventory depots to ensure all equipment uptime is maximized given its high expected use.

World Wide Field Service Support

The Columbia Tech World Wide Field Service Group may be engaged to install, maintain (preventive maintenance and repair) and train and certify the deployment of new or existing test equipment. The Columbia Tech World Wide Field Service Group may be engaged to install, maintain (preventive maintenance and repair), train and certify the deployment of new or existing test equipment. Installation may include system commissioning and running correlation results for you directly, your global CM’s, or component suppliers. Columbia Tech inventory systems can be applied under the direction of the field service group to local and remote stocking levels for spare parts and upgrades. The field service group may be engaged to develop maintenance and operating documentation of new and existing equipment. These services may be engaged to not only maintain the equipment but to monitor the performance of the equipment and the manner in which it is being applied. In those cases where DCI and/or Columbia Tech is involved with test equipment design, development, or production, the Field Service group will be engaged during the design and can play a role in the final test and verification of the equipment in order to assure timely and predictable deployment.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may be able to apply our service offerings to meet your current and future needs.

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