Aesthetic and Cosmetic Optical and Laser Medical Device Manufacturing

As a world-class medical device contract manufacturer, Cogmedix has built some of the most advanced aesthetic laser-based devices available in today’s market.

cosmetic medical laser equipment

Aesthetic Laser-Based Medical Device Contract Manufacturing

Fueled by an increase in demand from medical professionals and patients who prefer safe, modern alternatives to scalpels and other increasingly obsolete tools, aesthetic lasers have taken a dominating presence in the industry.

Today’s aesthetic laser devices, sometimes referred to as cosmetic laser devices, can effectively treat conditions such as photodamaged skin, dyschromia, scars, warts, acne, and wrinkles. They are also used for hair and tattoo removal, body contouring, and procedures on leg and facial veins. The medical industry continually improves the performance capabilities of its aesthetic laser devices; it is a virtual certainty that these machines will continue to become more effective and popular than they are today. With its recognized expertise in the field, Cogmedix is poised to help make that happen.

Cosmetic Laser Contract Manufacturing Motivated by Excellence, Driven by Experience

The Caring Associates at Cogmedix—from the executive team, to the program managers, to the assembly technicians—have extensive knowledge on manufacturing laser-based devices. They are keenly capable of:

  • sourcing, inspecting, and assembling optical components
  • integration of complementary technologies such as fiber delivery and galvanometers
  • performing beam path alignment, calibration, and testing
  • application specific custom laser chamber manufacturing
  • providing engineering support

Cogmedix takes pride in having close, well-established relationships with suppliers. These relationships not only ensure the best price and quality materials, but also enable the company to offer a flexible, “build-for-demand” manufacturing schedule and reliable inventory management.

World-Class Service Meets Convenience and Cost Savings

Clients who trust Cogmedix as their contract medical device manufacturer also avoid the steep overhead expenses that would be incurred if they were to build the laser-based devices themselves. In-house operations require costly infrastructure, hiring, training and sustaining staff, and a countless number of other operational, compliance, and facility expenses.

Cogmedix supports its clients by offering FDA compliant manufacturing in a convenient, central location. Its center of operations and manufacturing is located in Worcester, MA, and is easily reached by air, rail, and highway. This location has been proven to reduce distribution and delivery costs for Cogmedix clients. The facility also has a Customer Convenience Center, which houses work spaces for customers, making it easy for them to access their product and the Cogmedix team, coupled with the benefits of having one’s own space.

If your company is in search of a contract medical device manufacturer able to bring your laser-based medical device to market, call Cogmedix. Contact us today to learn how Cogmedix can help you!