CA Supply Chain Act

In 2010, California enacted the Transparency in Supply Chains Act. The Act requires manufacturers and retailers to make certain disclosures regarding the risks of human trafficking and slavery in their supply chains. While Coghlin Companies, Inc. does not manufacture any goods, two of its wholly owned subsidiaries, Columbia Electrical Contractors, Inc. d/b/a Columbia Tech and Cogmedix, Inc., manufacture products to the specifications of third parties. As a supporter of the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC), Columbia Tech, Cogmedix, Coghlin Companies, Inc. and other member firms have demonstrated our commitment to environmental and social responsibility and takes seriously any non-conformance in its extended supply chain. Coghlin Companies, Cogmedix and Columbia Tech currently do not perform any audit of suppliers, supplier verification or compliance certification, internal accountability standards for employees or contractors, or training of company employees and management on these issue as such items are described in Section 1714.43(c)(1)–(5) of the California Civil Code.