Boys Scouts of America Named Latest Beneficiary of Coghlin Companies 5C Program

What is the 5C Program? The Coghlin Companies Caring Corporate Citizen (5C) Program was introduced in 2016 to further expand the mission of Coghlin...

Industrial Design: Not Just the Pretty Package Anymore

Tony Wong, Industrial Design Engineering Manager Years ago, the industrial designer’s impact was not a well-recognized element of the overall...

Time to Market – Rapid Prototyping

Paul Dunleavy, Senior Vice President of Engineering In my previous blog, “Cogmedix Medical Device Development Process – How to Innovate and Maintain...

Managing Expectations in a Complex Contractual Design Services Environment

Stephen Charron, Senior Mechanical Engineer When we are deciding to have work done on our personal property such as a house or car, we want to be...


Steve Dion, IT Systems Administrator Coghlin Companies proudly participated in the Compass IT Compliance Annual Cybersecurity Symposium in...

Cogmedix Electrical and Software Engineering Capabilities

Chad Graham, Electrical Engineering Manager Compared to medical devices twenty years ago, today’s medical devices are smaller, smarter and far more...

Optical System Modeling

Vladimir Krylov, Opto-Mechanical Engineering Manager Cogmedix provides comprehensive product development and commercialization services with...

Challenges of Introducing Medical Devices to Market as a Startup

John Mastroianni, Principal Electrical Engineer   Toward the end of last year, a former co-worker approached me about defining the FDA quality...

The Importance of a Structured Phase Gate Process in Product Development

Tom Mofford, Project Manager, Engineering   At Columbia Tech, we understand the dynamic challenges that can come up during any new product...

Cogmedix Medical Device Development Process – How to Innovate and Maintain Compliance

Paul Dunleavy, Senior Vice President of Engineering Medical device product development and commercialization can be challenging, especially when...

For Medical Devices, Class Really is Everything

By Chad Graham, Electrical Engineering Manager As with life, the medical industry is a constant balance of risk versus benefit.  In the medical device sector, a medical device’s class is used as a means of classifying how risky a device is and, by extension, what...

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Cogmedix Attends BIOMEDevice Boston

Cogmedix recently had the pleasure of attending BIOMEDevice Boston, sponsored by MD&M. It was a great opportunity to engage with many Cogmedix suppliers, customers and design partners, as well as meet new companies showcasing their varying capabilities.

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Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

When selecting the materials that will make up a medical device, one of the most important steps is considering the FDA requirements for flammability, biocompatibility and environment compatibility.  These requirements are necessary for a marketable device, but not for a functional prototype. It is common during technology development to focus on core functionality and delay meeting some regulatory requirements until the product design stage. Once the product design commences, it is possible to experience difficulty finding materials that meet both core functional and regulatory requirements.

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Coghlin Companies Engineer Volunteers for STEM Event

For the last ten years, the Boy Scouts Council covering the greater Lowell area has sponsored a Math Science Technology Expo. Scouts choose two STEM-related badges, ranging from aviation to weather to engineering, and receive six hours of instruction and hands-on participation in those areas.

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Columbia Tech Introduces Company Sponsored Toastmasters Club

The Toastmasters Club gives people a systematic and proven way to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. Honing these abilities can help in many professional situations, including customer visits, design reviews and discussions with their team members and upper management.

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Optics Handling in System Integration

Optical systems are playing an ever-increasing role in consumer, medical, industrial, and communications industries. With optical component manufacturing being a very specialized industry, most of the optical and laser systems integrators deal with the tasks of specifying, procuring, inspecting, and assembling optics.

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