As Columbia Tech, DCI and Cogmedix (wholly owned subsidiaries of The Coghlin Companies) have recently completed the selection process for a new ERP system, the entire financial, quality, materials management, manufacturing and operations teams are enthusiastically waiting for the implementation plan to be published. As stated in a recent announcement from the Board of Directors, this new ERP system represents “a major leap forward in capability, functionality and technology” and enables us to again raise the bar and maintain our status as a leading contract manufacturer.

As an engineering design and contract manufacturing entity assisting technology companies with their time to market strategy, it is imperative that we continually explore ways to enhance our internal processes in an effort to create a superior, higher yielding, more efficient model in areas of cost and quality. As part of this system conversion, we will continue this practice using a Business Process Modeling approach to optimize our organization’s processes to the benefit of both internal and external customers. Everyone will take an active part and no single area will be exempt from our project.

In an environment where we have grown accustomed to continuous improvement initiatives (The “Coghlin Culture”), the ERP system conversion and Business Process Modeling will continue to energize our key department leaders and their valued associates and allow for a deeper dive into continuous improvement efforts in every area of our company enabling world class quality, pricing and customer satisfaction.

Bob Brunelle
VP Operations and Technology Advancement
Columbia Tech