Overhead shot of the crowd at biomedevice boston

Photo via UBM Advanced Manufacturing

Tim Briggs, Vice President of Relationship Development and Program Management

Peter Rizzo, Manager of Positive Client Relations at Cogmedix, and I recently had the pleasure of attending BIOMEDevice Boston, sponsored by MD&M. It was a great opportunity to engage with many Cogmedix suppliers, customers and design partners, as well as meet new companies showcasing their varying capabilities.

I also had the opportunity to see additional customers, industry contacts and former colleagues, all of whom were attending the event as visitors. I used these interactions as an opportunity to ask each of them what they were looking for as they went up and down the aisles. There was a very common theme with the responses regardless of if they worked in Supply Chain, Product Development or Operations. They each recognized that Boston was a hot spot for Medical Device Development and, as a result, there are many options for medical device component suppliers, design partners and manufacturing partners. They all wanted to stay up to date on the latest technologies and opportunities within these arenas, but also found it overwhelming trying to determine which components or services would match their needs.

I found this to be a great opportunity to share with each of them the unique skill set that Cogmedix possesses which could help them in this area. Cogmedix provides time to market services, including product development, turnkey manufacturing and global fulfillment to medical device innovators, working together with them to understand their commercialization needs and structure a solution that aligns with their goals; we call this Commercialization Personalized™. We have the advantage of being part of Coghlin Companies, a fourth generation, privately held company that has spent more than 130 years developing critical relationships to provide our customers with the highest caliber commercialization services. At Cogmedix, we have a diverse team of Caring Associates who are committed to providing exceptional customer experiences, are vertically integrated where it matters most, and leverage our world-class supply chain and business partners.

Attending these types of events, allows us to form new connections and ultimately gives us the opportunity to add to our company’s 130+ year portfolio of relationships. When a new customer comes to us seeking our medical device design and manufacturing services, we can develop the best solution to get their product to market on time, keeping quality and compliance at the forefront.