“Excellence is in the details.  Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”  – Perry Paxton

When our customers think about Cogmedix, I would like to think that they consider us ‘Masters of the Details.’  As a proven leader in the field of medical device contract manufacturing, we have built a successful reputation on efficiently and effectively introducing new Class I and Class II medical devices to the marketplace.  Our commitment to compliance and quality are second to none.  We have developed a proven, successful process that enables us to clarify and understand our customers’ expectations. We then provide them with a detailed plan and path to making those expectations a reality.  As one would imagine, the need for attention to detail is staggering.  We live in a world of details, yet few people or companies take the time to think strategically at that level of granularity.  At Cogmedix, we not only think at that level, we plan, organize, document and execute at that level.  It is part of the DNA of what makes us successful.  Attention to detail is a behavior that is ingrained in all of our teammates and associates.

The products we manufacture come in all shapes and sizes.  The companies that we partner with are at varied stages of their life cycle and maturity.  Regardless of where the product or company is in their development, a very wise business leader once told me that they all have two things in common, a present and a future.  What lies in between the present and future is process.  The quality of the process determines the quality of the results. Our goal is to provide the framework, the structure, and the expertise to ensure the quality of the process and in turn, the success of the results.  To get to that level of detail we have to “peel back the onion,” one layer at a time.  We do this by asking tier II and tier III level questions to get to the critical level of detail.  Once we have determined all of the necessary details, we document, organize, and share them with our customers as a key component of the overall execution process.  This can take the form of Gantt charts, project plans, key performance metrics, goal planning sheets, action lists, etc.  These are monitored by our team continuously and used as a tool for both milestone achievement and mutual accountability.  Care and attention, checking and double checking, and meticulously following procedure are all behaviors that demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

In the end, our customers determine whether or not we have met or exceeded their expectations.  We continuously seek their feedback as a key quality component and measure of our overall effectiveness.  When you boil it down, what matters most, after all of the transactions are complete and the details are covered, is whether or not our customers would refer us to their friends and business associates. Our goal at Cogmedix is to ensure that each and every customer is a key partner, ally, and reference.  If we manage the details effectively and pay attention to the “little things,” I am quite confident that we will continue to enjoy a level of success that is uncommon in today’s business climate.

David Keeler
Project Manager, Cogmedix