By Derek Fournier, Production Manager, Cogmedix

Nineteen-year-old Colt Brake suffered a broken neck while playing football in 2010, resulting in quadriparesis. Quadriplegics suffer extremely weak muscles in their limbs, leaving them dependent on loved ones. The MyoPro Myoelectric Powered Brace, developed by Myomo and manufactured byCogmedix, is helping Colt regain functionality in his arms and give him back his independence.

The MyoPro is a lightweight, functional arm brace that reads weak muscle signals and sends them to the device’s signal processor, which activates the motor to move the arm in the desired direction. The sophisticated technology in MyoPro’s FDA Class I Orthosis called for an innovative manufacturing partner like Cogmedix, who has the ability to assemble and test the brace, efficiently and compliantly.

Cogmedix is proud to collaborate with innovative companies like Myomo to provide world class medical device manufacturing. Colt’s experience is a great example of why it is vital to partner with an experienced medical device manufacturer with a core value of compliance, enabling a quality product that improves the lives of real people. Watch the video below to learn how MyoPro is changing Colt’s life, from the ability to simply itch his nose to being able to feed himself. With Cogmedix, MyoPro is an outstanding “Medical Technology Brought to Life”.