by Peter Rizzo, Business Development Specialist

Being a turnkey manufacturing services provider to medical device OEMs means Cogmedix must keep pace with all cutting-edge technologies being pioneered in the medical device field. As a part of our continued effort to stay apprised of these developments, Cogmedix takes part in many industry events. On February 3, 2016, we will be attending the “New Technologies for Unmet Medical Challenges” forum hosted by Medical Development Group (MDG) Boston.

Attending events like the upcoming MDG forum is not just a special opportunity to meet and network with local medtech industry expert innovators, suppliers, investors, and advocates; it also gives us the chance to learn from panels of experienced executives and company founders who are pioneering the new technologies we support.

Cogmedix is particularly looking forward to advancements in the development and application of diode laser technology in the medical field and Micro Electro Mechanical Stimulators (MEMS). One of the reasons we are excited for this MDG event is that it will attract specialists of complex electromechanical- and laser-based devices. Currently, Cogmedix is serving OEMs who produce aesthetic, dental, ophthalmic, surgical, diagnostic, and imaging lasers, as well as several other complex electromechanical devices. Cogmedix will be hosting a tabletop display ahead of the panelist presentations and Peter Rizzo will represent Cogmedix to field inquiries and meet potential new partners.

We’re looking forward to learning more about the up-and-coming technologies entering the medical field. Have you seen a new medical device or technology that seems promising? We’d love to hear from you—tell us about it in the comments!