An opportunity to manufacture a medical device currently being built in Singapore by a Fortune 500 company recently required a colleague and me to travel to the vibrant city.  We were hosted by a talented team and received training and certification on two medical device product lines for manufacturing operations to be performed in Massachusetts by Cogmedix in the near future.  Our Director of Quality and Compliance and I were selected to go and bring back this wealth of knowledge.  To say that our time across the world was well spent would be an understatement.  For four straight days we went from board room to production floor, tackling everything from the manufacturing and quality plans to physically assembling product on the floor.  In total, I earned five certifications, covering the build, testing, and packaging of two medical device product lines that I can now extend to our medical device manufacturing team in Massachusetts.  We also had some time to take in the beautiful city of Singapore and try local foods, but the time spent in the office and with the team there was an experience I will take with me forever.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Cogmedix is growing fast and always looking for medical contract manufacturing opportunities with innovative medical device companies around the globe, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.  A leader in medical device contract manufacturing, servicing, and order fulfillment services, Cogmedix assists companies with the production of Class I and Class II medical devices.  With decades of experience, and an experienced world class staff, the Cogmedix team always strives for excellence, ultimately supplying the medical field with high quality, compliant medical device contract manufacturing services.

Joshua Paquette
Director of Program Operations, Cogmedix