“Cogmedix and the Coghlin Companies have been tremendous partners for us in every sense of the word. We worked together to launch the first iteration of an extremely complex piece of equipment, with over 650 components, from 30 suppliers, in an FDA-regulated environment. Cogmedix functioned like an extension of my team. Whether we were working with suppliers, brainstorming on design improvements, or checking all the regulatory boxes, they leveraged our strengths and shored up our weaknesses. We simply would not have gotten to the market without them.”

Michael J. Cataldo

Chief Executive Officer, Convergent Dental, Inc.

“By partnering with Cogmedix, Myomo has been able to provide high quality myoelectric orthotics to a growing number of users with arm and hand paralysis.  As their first finished medical device customer, we have worked closely with the Cogmedix team on product design, supply chain management, manufacturing and test procedures, and inventory management.  By outsourcing the medical device manufacturing to their FDA-compliant facility, we can focus our resources on advanced technology development, sales and marketing, and more intimate clinical support of our customers and their patients. It’s a capital-efficient approach with a core competency focus. We are now in the process of bringing the next generation of our products into Cogmedix for introduction to the market in 2017. We could not be more proud of the passion, flexibility and compliance we experience each day working with the team at Cogmedix.”

Paul Gudonis

Chairman & CEO, Myomo

“Collaborating with the Coghlin Family, Columbia Tech, and Cogmedix has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional career. We’ve successfully transferred and launched multiple laser products and platforms over the past decade, leveraging our respective core competencies and a relationship with deep-rooted trust and transparency. Our collaborative relationship will continue to be an essential ingredient in our ability to increase market share, enhance profitability, and enter new markets swiftly with the highest level of quality.”

Mike Davin

Chief Executive Officer, Cynosure, Inc.

“Cogmedix has been an excellent partner to transfer our new technology platform and outsource the manufacturing of our medical device product in a FDA and ISO 13485 certified environment. During our technology design transfer and co-builds, every member of the Cogmedix  team exceeded our expectations in what was required to achieve our milestones within our rigorous timelines. The management team has provided enormous support and flexibility in accommodating us, as well as supplying resources when needed. They have helped us strengthen our quality system and documentation, resolve technical issues, interact with suppliers, and have provided excellent customer service throughout. In every aspect from product design to quality, and engineering to manufacturing, Cogmedix has proven that they are best in class.”

Charles Kerbage

Director, Research & Development, Cognoptics