The Yankee Dental Congress is hosted at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center every January; it is attended by almost 27,000 professionals and practitioners that serve the dental industry. From laser devices to aquarium tanks, the booths at the Yankee Dental Congress provide anything and everything an attendee could want in their dental offices.  In addition to exhibition booths, the four-day event offers dozens of courses and presentations on topics ranging from innovative new treatments to customer service strategies.

One featured exhibitor—a recipient of a 2015 New England Innovation Award — is Cogmedix customer Convergent Dental, developer of the Solea device. Solea is the first FDA-approved CO2 dental laser for soft and hard tissue ablation. Convergent Dental CEO Michael Cataldo was present at the exhibit to demonstrate the device’s effectiveness and ease of use. Attendees were invited to test Solea out on hard and soft tissue samples.

As the manufacturing partner of Convergent Dental, Cogmedix is proud to be a part of the success of the Solea device. Cogmedix manufactures finished, complex, electromechanical medical and dental devices under the strictest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. The success of the Solea device is a testament to the quality and precision that is in the Cogmedix DNA.


Peter Rizzo (left), business development specialist at Cogmedix, and Michael Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental.