Core Competencies at Columbia Tech

The following is a partial list of Coghlin Companies’ core competencies. How could your organization benefit from Coghlin’s expertise?

Columbia Tech Capabilities

  • Project Management & Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering: design, stress, thermal analysis
  • Electrical Engineering: power distribution, controls
  • Embedded PC, PCB schematic capture and layout, cable design
  • Software Engineering
    • PC based application software
    • Embedded micro-control
  • Industrial Design
  • Refrigeration systems and engineering
  • Compliance Testing
  • Documentation
  • Material control and materials coordinate for advanced releases
  • Prototype and pre-manufacturing assembly and test
  • Environmental testing (climatics), Environmental testing & prediction
  • Product validation, Reliability testing & prediction
  • Regulatory testing
  • Worldwide safety certification
  • Electrical Engineering, Analog/power supply
  • Component engineering, DFx, Digital/high speed
  • Electronic design, EMI/EMC testing & debug
  • FPGA/CPLD, Optical, RF, Schematic development
  • Industrial Design, Ergonomics/usability
  • Plastic & sheet metal part design, Product & system-level design
  • Rapid mockups and prototyping, Mechanical Engineering & Design
  • Product design, Structural analysis
  • System design, Thermal analysis & design
  • PCB Design
  • High layer-count boards, High speed interconnects
  • Impedance/trace matching, Library management
  • Software/Firmware Experience, BIOS customizations/modifications
  • C, C++, Visual C, Visual BASIC, DSP
  • Embedded control, High level languages
  • Industry standard chipsets including Intel, Motorola, Texas Instruments, Hitachi and more
  • Low-Level firmware/assembly, Win32 apps coding & integration
  • Program management, Tool design & build (molds & dies)

Columbia Tech Process Capabilities

  • Lot and component traceability
  • Global sourcing partnerships
  • Quick turn & NPI services
  • Complete testing services, ICT, FCT, & system Level
  • Integrated Quality System
  • Materials Management System (MMS)
  • Customer portal
  • Demand flow and pull systems
  • Kanban and JIT
  • Computerized DFM, DFT, DFSC tools
  • Automated Design for Manufacturing/Testing

System Assembly and Test Services

  • Design for manufacturability analysis
  • Prototype to volume production
  • Build to order/configure to order
  • Cellular manufacturing
  • ECO/change management
  • NPI through end-of-life production support
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Full turnkey hardware and software test development
  • Board level and system level functional test
  • Reliability testing services
  • Simulated application testing
  • Custom-designed test equipment
  • HASS testing


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