Electrical Control Panels

From the size of a desktop device to panels 40 feet in length, Columbia Tech manufactures application-specific electrical control panels for a range of products and markets.

Large and Small Scale Electrical Control Panels

Columbia Tech manufactures application-specific electrical control panels for a large variety of products and markets. Electrical control panels supplied by Columbia Tech range in size from desktop devices to panels 40 feet in length. Electrical control panels are used in medical equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, LED manufacturing, data storage equipment, industrial manufacturing equipment, and automation systems and controls.

Electrical Control Box Manufacturing

Columbia Tech provides high quality domestic Electrical Control Box Manufacturing Services

Columbia Tech can provide low volume, high rev traffic assemblies or production runs requiring options configuration for your customers. Electrical control panels are available in standard or customized forms with high or low voltage in a variety of finishes including stainless steel and powder coated. These enclosures are typically for main power, transformers, motor control, switch gear, contacts, PLC Panels, PC Racks and Switch Cabinets.

Power Distribution Control

Columbia Tech core competencies include electrical control panels and power distribution control, available in standard or customized forms created to your specifications. Harnessing capabilities include wire, cable, flat cable, fiber optics, or tubing for fluid or gas and integration of custom or commercial printed circuit boards. Columbia Tech has full reverse engineering capabilities as well as the ability to convert napkin sketches or schematics to color coded wire run lists.

Columbia Tech has total test capabilities for these assemblies including designing functional equipment to test each circuit, prototypes point-to-point and provide full Hi-Pot tests if required. The Columbia Tech facility deploys over 1.25 Megawatts of power.

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