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Columbia Tech, a subsidiary of Coghlin Companies, has implemented a new program that will help encourage their Caring Associates to contribute innovative ideas to improve operations at the company. The program is called “Every One, Every Day” (EOED) and the goal is to let every caring associate know their voices are being heard. It enables management to better recognize the contributions of their Caring Associates and utilize their suggestions to make the organization more safe, collaborative and efficient.

Encouraging Open Communication: How It Works

To get the program started, Columbia Tech installed digital kiosks which are placed conveniently around the facility. The kiosks are easy to use, allowing Caring Associates to key in an idea quickly whenever something innovative comes to mind. The program can also be accessed privately from an icon on users’ individual desktops. The suggestions can be simple or more extensive but must come with suggested opportunities for improvement as well as specifically stating the benefits to the organization by implementing the idea.

A Positive Response

Since their installation, the EOED kiosks have received a very positive response. Caring Associates at all levels of the company have been coming forward and providing meaningful improvement feedback. The kiosks allow for a direct line to company leadership with the reassurance that their ideas are very important and will be heard.

The Results So Far

Columbia Tech has received a steady stream of suggestions each week and the results have been impressive. There have been many well thought out and creative ideas brought forth and being acted on.

“We aim to address each submission within 30 days to make a determination if, when, and how the suggestion can positively benefit the company,” said President and CEO, Chris Coghlin. “We’ve already received a lot of great ideas, which will help improve cost, efficiency, safety, and communication throughout all areas of our company.”

Every One, Every Day is a living example of how Columbia Tech and The Coghlin Companies strive to achieve an environment built on teamwork, cooperation and collaboration across all organizational levels and disciplines. Caring Associates at Columbia Tech know that their input matters; they see that the company as a whole benefits from their innovative ideas and encourages its Caring Associates to speak up…A true win / win!

manufacturing employees