capital equipment assemblyCapital equipment innovators choose to work with Columbia Tech because of our decades of experience and expertise developing, manufacturing and globally fulfilling complex equipment of all sizes, from benchtop devices to large scale, fully integrated systems. We were recently awarded the opportunity to showcase these capabilities by providing commercialization services to Aeronautica Windpower.

Since 2008, Aeronautica Windpower has been building and selling turbines to wind farmers across the world. Their top-notch R&D and commitment to providing wind farmers with the best turbines available have made them a leader in the alternative energy industry; we at Columbia Tech are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them.

Complex Energy Innovation Equipment Assembled by a Dedicated Team of Caring Associates

capital equipment assemblyLed by Project Engineer, Bob Lopriore, our skilled team of assemblers approached this project with fervor. Each member of the team has a core skill set revolving around the assembly of complex capital equipment. This background and training was vital in helping Aeronautica Windpower efficiently and properly assemble the equipment necessary to grow and expand their company.

Thanks to the hard work of these Caring Associates, their meticulous documentation and excellent communication with the Aeronautica Windpower team, the project is thriving. Given the importance of alternative energy and Aeronautica Windpower’s mission, this is a fact that we couldn’t be prouder to report.

State-of-the-Art Facility Fully Equipped to Handle Large Scale System Integration

Our unique ability to help companies such as Aeronautica Windpower with their capital equipment production needs is supported by our state-of-the-art facilities dedicated to large scale system integration. These facilities and the Caring Associates who work within them are fully trained to provide assembly, test, integration, and validation services for large scale equipment. This makes Columbia Tech an ideal time to market services provider for Aeronautica Windpower and other companies seeking commercialization services including product development, manufacturing and global fulfillment.

Thanks to the flexibility of our facilities, the stringent processes we follow, and the detail-oriented work of our Caring Associates, we have been able to successfully help Aeronautica Windpower quickly and effectively get to market faster than their competitors. Contact Columbia Tech today to learn more about how we can assist you with all of your concept to commercialization needs!