Field Services

Columbia Tech’s field service support team works closely with customers to supply 24/7 on-site asset management, preventative maintenance, trouble shooting, debugging, installation and repair services worldwide.

On-Site 24/7 Field Service & Support

Field Service Marketing Sheet (pdf)

Columbia Tech’s Field Service Support is a fast growing and well respected 24/7 on-site supplier of asset management, preventative maintenance, trouble shooting, debugging, installation and repair services worldwide. The field service support team works closely with customers to devise well documented statements of work so maintenance, field service responsibilities and service windows are understood upfront, which ensures expectations are met. Once rate agreements and a mutually signed schedule of work is in place, Columbia Tech effectively equips clients with an efficient cross-functional team of support engineers and technicians skilled in electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, refrigeration, and computer technology. Primary capabilities include NIST traceable calibration, preventive maintenance, repair, installations, validations, upgrades, spare parts management, RMA, scheduling, call logging, and record management.

Cost Effective Field Service Support

Columbia Tech’s Field Service Support clients benefit by having a single source provider of equal or better quality at a lower cost than building their own field service team. This is achievable because labor rates are the result of amortizing a steady flow of work over many customers making utilization metrics very appealing. Columbia Tech also enables companies to reduce equipment ownership costs by providing best value installation, maintenance and asset management solutions.

Field Service Support for Manufacturers and Engineering Firms

Field Service Support clients include manufacturing and engineering organizations that have installation requirements, significant unit volume or an installation base where maintenance spending may be high. Field Service Support handles all related installations, training and field service responsibilities under well-defined agreements. Columbia Tech’s onsite or on demand business model offers cost savings and the best service and quality because of the support from product inception through global deployment and thereafter. When equipment downtime is critical, customers benefit from rapid response time.

Diversified Field Service Support Background

Columbia Tech has extensive experience in working on equipment by Envirotronics, CSZ, ThermoTron, Tenney, environmental chambers, and electro-mechanical applications. Our experience allows us to effectively troubleshoot and maintain complex control and monitoring systems such as: liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling, humidity systems, atomizing systems, steam generation, drum dehumidifier, digital valve repair and rebuilding of hydraulic systems.

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