trail in westfordCoghlin Companies proudly awarded the first $1,000 donation associated with our newly launched 5C program to the Westford Conservation Trust 

 What is the 5C Program?

The Coghlin Companies Caring Corporate Citizen, or “5C”, is a company sponsored program that was implemented in 2016 to further deepen our companies’ mission in support of community involvement, volunteerism and philanthropy. We are highly passionate about giving back to the surrounding communities of the Coghlin Companies and our family of Caring Associates. Through the 5C program, our Caring Associates receive the opportunity to earn recognition for their community involvement as well as company sponsored financial support to the charitable and philanthropic organizations that are most important to them.

 How are Charitable Recipients Selected?

The 5C program encourages Caring Associates to nominate 501(C)(3) charitable organizations that they are passionate about and are actively involved in supporting from a volunteering or financial perspective. They are able to submit their nominations through an online application process where they openly share their involvement with the charity, its core mission and how a donation from our company would assist this organization. Each quarter, one of these non-profit organizations is selected via a blind draw to receive a donation of $1,000 from Coghlin Companies.

 Fostering a Community of Philanthropic Support

The first beneficiary of the 5C program was the Westford Conservation Trust, nominated by Columbia Tech Engineering Caring Associate, Rich Strazdas. Rich has been an active volunteer with the organization for six years. The Westford Conservation works to maintain several wildlife habitats in the Westford area. They preserve open land and water resources, establish and maintain hiking trails, and educate the public about natural resource conservation methods. 

Coghlin Companies is proud to support this great cause, and we thank Rich for his community involvement. A new round of submissions has been collected and the next 5C winner will be chosen before the end of this month!