Can the way we talk about cancer save lives? For many of the men and women who will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, early detection can save their life. Since we know the benefits early detection brings, we need to talk more about symptoms.


The non-profit, cancer self-awareness organization, 15-40 Connection, is jump-starting a new cancer conversation that will empower individuals of all ages with the knowledge and skills to detect the warning signs of cancer as soon as possible.

The story of 15-40 Connection begins with a friendship fostered between our very own Jim Coghlin Sr. and a man named Mark Ungerer. Jim witnessed his friend, Mark, go through the devastating loss of his 15-year-old son to leukemia. Sadly, ten years after the loss his child, Mark too, was diagnosed with cancer.

Through the desire to honor one of his closest friends, Jim Sr uncovered the devastating impact of delayed cancer diagnosis.  It is a problem we can solve by empowering people to recognize subtle and persistent health changes that should not be ignored and to communicate with their doctors in ways that can improve their own health care.

The Coghlin family founded 15-40 Connection to take on this challenge and change the way we talk about cancer. 15-40 Connection’s new cancer conversation starts with a simple yet powerful question – “Would you recognize a cancer symptom?” It is a conversation that offers lifesaving rewards to people of all ages. Working with clinical leaders and cancer survivors, they have developed three steps to early cancer detection that are effective and easy to remember:

  1. Survival-Graph_Larger-Citation-e1442846038991.jpg

    When you feel great, remember how that feels.

  2. Use the 2-Week Rule – If any changes to your health lasts 2 weeks, it’s time to call a doctor to find out why.

  3. Share – Sharing information about any changes to your normal health helps your doctor help you. It may be difficult or embarrassing, but it can be lifesaving.

The cancer survival rate for individuals of any age improves by leaps and bounds when it is detected early. Thus far, the biggest hurdle to preventing unnecessary loss of life is still a prevalent lack of awareness and a subsequent delay in diagnosis. 15-40 Connection is making progress in their mission, but there is still a lot more that we have to do.


We’re inviting you to join the new cancer conversation and support this important message of awareness. Giving Tuesday is coming soon and your donation will help spread our life saving message to empower more individuals to recognize the symptoms and survive cancer.  Please consider making a recurring gift of $50 per month. Your help could save a life.

 Thank you for your support.  Have a healthy and safe Thanksgiving!