Hard work is rewarding. This mantra has endured for 125 years within The Coghlin Companies. It is a conviction ingrained in our culture and rooted in our history. For a company to prosper for over a century requires leadership that instills enthusiasm and innovation to drive the organization into the future.

Our founder, John P. Coghlin, was both an engineer and manufacturer. This spirit which began in 1885 is the catalyst for the engineering and manufacturing business model that exists today. His legacy was to lead by example, his advice was “Hard work and determination will bring success”. The Coghlin Companies began with the design & manufacturing of a 3 HP electric motor which had a greater output per pound than the competition. This innovation launched the company into electrical power stations, facilities electrification and the design and building of a railway powered by electric motors. The business environment during this era includes Nicola Tesla who was in the prime of his accomplishments in similar projects during the same years.

John P. Coghlin

John P. Coghlin                    October 5. 1869 – April 28, 1940

We are proud of our heritage and continue to offer engineering and manufacturing services which provide cost effective solutions for our customers. Our expansion into medical products and new technology manufacturing systems for solar and LED industries echoes the same principles that started in the 1800’s. Now in our fourth generation of family management, we can witness the DNA that started a very successful enterprise.

About the Blogger:

Gary Freeman is the Director of Business Development at Coghlin Companies.