Worcester, MA – March 14, 2013

Columbia Tech, a contract manufacturing subsidiary of Coghlin Companies Inc., recently had two associates nominated for the prestigious 2012 GINA Award, presented by Evolutions in Business of Chelmsford, MA, for excellence in export compliance.Geraldine St. Jean and Richard Schulman received honorable mentions for the individual award in recognition of their outstanding contribution to export compliance in ITAR. They have pushed to build robust export compliance programs, with the support of Coghlin Companies. Coghlin Companies is committed to compliance and U.S. National Security, and continues to take measures to ensure the satisfaction of their clients.

“The Coghlin Companies have been tremendously supportive of our efforts to develop, execute, and maintain our export control systems,” said Geraldine St. Jean, Manager of Audit and Training at Columbia Tech. She continued, “We were extremely honored to have been considered for this prestigious award.”

The GINA Award for Outstanding Export Compliance is awarded to individuals who have implemented best practices into their company including organizing and receiving export education, establishing accuracy in documentation, demonstrating tenacity to see compliance through, displaying commitment to the law and regulations, and having the courage to protect national security interests and prevent unlawful exports. Columbia Tech also won the Corporate Export Compliance Commitment last year. Columbia Tech is committed to full compliance and res pecting the law in product development, contract manufacturing, and all other future endeavors.

About Columbia Tech

Columbia Tech provides the highest degree of manufacturing excellen ce for customers seeking turnkey manufacturing and global fulfillment services. Its business model contains a unique blend of front – end DFM and NPI services combined with worldwide purchasing leverage and customized manufacturing programs renowned for extreme flexibility and attentiveness to detail.

About Evolutions in Business Evolutions in Business

Evolutions in Business is one of the Nation’s leading experts in commercial, (EAR) and Military, (ITAR) compliance. Since 1989, Evolutions in Business has been engaged in training corporations in export and import trade regulations. They concentrate on the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), as well as International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). Areas of expertise in clude guidance on Export Licensing, Technology Control Plans, Export Documentation, Letters of Credit, NAFTA, and Specific – Need Training.

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