Worcester, MA – February 12, 2014

Columbia Tech, the product development and contract manufacturing subsidiary of Coghlin Companies Inc., announces the launch of their Referral Alliance Network (RAN) to further strengthen their offering as the “global leading” concept to commercialization provider. The RAN program is part of Columbia Tech’s “Time to Market at WARP SPEED™” mission.Their own internal technical resources have been enhanced tremendously by formally aligning with a group of highly respected companies supplying specialized services to the product development lifecycle that Columbia Tech does not directly provide.

The RAN program allows Columbia Tech to provide world class capabilities to their customers at any point in the product lifecycle. “In the product lifecycle there are three phases: research, development and manufacturing,” explained Bill Laursen, Senior Vice President of Sales and Strategy. “For instance, we may not have the scientist on staff to research our customer needs, but we have network members who do that we can leverage on a moment’s notice. Once the research is complete and the product path is chosen, Columbia Tech can drive the engineering and manufacturing stages to bring the product to commercialization. When working with our RAN members, our clients can expect the same level of confidentiality, responsiveness and professionalism that brought them to Columbia Tech.”

With the RAN program in place, Columbia Tech can enter the product conceptualization phase earlier, providing strategic insight during the start-up process to accelerate time to market. “Tapping into Columbia Tech’s expertise to get a product into production quickly, cost effectively and compliantly means revenue streams can swiftly contribute to our client’s bottom line,” added Laursen.

Current RAN member expertise includes scientific research, medical device design, industrial design, compliance testing and screening, and large scale injection molding. Our mix of RAN members includes small specialized innovators through Fortune 500 firms.

About Columbia Tech

Columbia Tech provides Time to Market Services at WARP SPEED™, including engineering design, manufacturing, global fulfillment and aftermarket services. Columbia Tech clients include innovation leaders in the life-science, pharmaceutical, bio-discovery, alternative energy, semiconductor, power management, LED, medical device, data storage, defense, homeland
security and digital and molecular imaging industries. Columbia Tech is a subsidiary of Coghlin Companies, Inc., a fourth generation, privately held concept to commercialization firm. Visit Columbia Tech and sign up for the e-newsletter at Columbia Tech.

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