Industrial Automation

Columbia Tech applies decades of industrial automation equipment development and manufacturing knowledge to not only improve the next generation industrial automation equipment for your company, but also lower the overall cost of your company’s industrial automation projects.

Accelerate Time to Market with Reduced Cost

Columbia Tech applies decades of industrial automation equipment development and manufacturing knowledge to not only improve the next generation industrial automation equipment for your company, but also lower the overall cost of your company's industrial automation projects. By working with Columbia Tech, you leverage our team of more than 300, including IPC trained technicians, technical support resources and multi–year degreed engineering specialists while simultaneously leveraging our experienced global supply chain and buying power to significantly reduce the build cost and development timeline of new or current industrial automation equipment programs. This allows your company to generate a higher and quicker ROI while beating your competitors to market time after time.

Industrial Automation Controls

Automation Equipment Manufacturing

Columbia Tech provides high quality domestic Automation Equipment Manufacturing Services

With a core focus on assisting customers with low to medium volume systems performing critical high speed and precise process applications, Columbia Tech prudently applies its decades of experience to assist its customers in improving designs so that they are industry compliant (CSACEUL and various other compliance agencies) as well as cost effective and completely scalable. From developing turnkey industrial automation systems to manufacturing full automation lines, and creating and deploying them globally, Columbia Tech is your full service industrial automation controls and contract manufacturing partner.

Columbia Tech stand ready to augment the areas of manufacturing and development where resources are limited so we can help industrial automation customers meet strenuous deadlines where time to market, price, scalability and product reliability are essential. Columbia Tech does this by applying a "partnered approach" defining actions, milestones and responsibilities and holding each other accountable to a successful and measurable action plan. This ensures great results for every project.

Industrial Automation Integration, Testing and Final Assembly

Whether integrating ABB, Siemens, Allen Bradley or our client's PLC and industrial automation controls component venders of choice, Columbia Tech has the capability to develop, integrate test and provide final assembly documentation and validation services for industrial automation systems of all sizes and complexities. Our customer always owns all of the intellectual property contained in its systems and assembly documentation created during our engaged process, and, with this in mind, through Columbia Tech's Product Development and Prototyping arm, we have established a sterling reputation of assisting automation equipment OEM's to reduce the cost, limit equipment downtime, enhance the reliability, improve serviceability, collaboratively develop test procedure and resolve various compliance issues related to CEUL and CSA with TOTAL TRUST as our backdrop.

Cost Effective Industrial Automation Equipment Manufacturing

Companies seek Columbia Tech as a partner to develop and support the most difficult and complex industrial and factory automation engineering and development situations as well as to keep manufacturing processes as efficient and cost effective as possible utilizing Columbia Tech's global supply chain.

Columbia Tech has also developed a niche of developing and building new control systems for clients utilizing the most advanced technology available today, without any specific component brand loyalty. This enables the best results at the lowest cost, maximizing reliability and timeline without compromising quality and, without question, reducing lead-times. Columbia Tech services include PCPLC, and operator interface programming amongst others. Additionally, Columbia Tech is experienced with broad-based development software packages.

Highly Scalable Industrial Automation Equipment Manufacturing

Columbia Tech's long-standing and diverse engineering team has the knowledge and expertise to service client needs from small single operator panels to large multi-station systems with demand for 10's or hundreds of integrated systems annually. Various industrial automation programs for reference include, high speed pick and place industrial automation systems for precise component placement, high speed digital imaging process equipment for the printing industry, high speed precise dispensing equipment for factory automation programs including sneaker manufacturing, numerous coating application systems, solar assembly equipment, high speed sapphire to LED conversion lines as well as high speed visual inspection systems.

With over 200,000 square feet of first class, high-bay manufacturing space including drive-in loading docks, independent product development labs, clean rooms and heavy lifting equipment, Columbia Tech's highly referable personnel have the wherewithal to assist you in any aspect required related to industrial automation system design, integration or validation.

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