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Walker Magnetics is a leading designer and manufacturer of magnetic workholding chucks, lifting and material handling, and separation applications. Walker workholding chucks are used for grinding, machining, milling, turning, EDM, and molding. Walker Material Handling Lift Magnets are high powered lift magnets used for flame and plasma plate cutting, laser cutting, and coil handling; quick loading and unloading of burning tables and other shapes, bundles and beams; and easier movement of steel plates and structural shapes.

Columbia Tech is the design and engineering services leader using flexible engagement options to provide companies and entrepreneurs with services from multi-phase product development to engineering controlled production, and even quick turn services for clients preferring to direct the project themselves. Columbia Tech can design, engineer and iterate to your specifications, in quantities of one to thousands, providing leading edge industrial automation equipment for your company.

Industrial Automation Engineering and Equipment

When charged with building an industrial automation system using their magnets in a large overhead crane, Walker contacted Coghlin Companies’ Columbia Tech to augment their engineering capacity through additional design and engineering services. They needed Columbia Tech to design and engineer the power distribution system that controls the magnets and vacuum employed in the industrial automation project. Columbia Tech designed and built the control system for the magnet chuck and vacuum system.

Walker Magnetics

Industrial Automation Delivered

The Columbia Tech control system encapsulates more than 40 magnets and 40 vacuum pads that permit the operator to selectively load and unload extremely large sections of ferrous or non-ferrous plate as required. Now deployed by the end user, the industrial automation system is enabling them to increase the efficiency of their cutting table by over 60%.

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