Industrial Design for Medical Devices

Cogmedix integrates industrial design throughout its product development process and brings innovative medical devices to market quickly and efficiently in an FDA-compliant, ISO 13485-certified engineering and production environment.

New Medical Device Industrial Design

Industrial design is vital to a successful new medical device launch. Our integrated process keeps time-to-market competitive and production cost-effective.

From the onset, Cogmedix works with your team to align design intent and styling language, further enhancing collaboration through concept generation, technical illustrations, mock-up models, color studies and production CAD.

Industrial Design services results in optimized medical laser device design.

Medical Device Product Launch

By prioritizing industrial design throughout the medical device development process, many questions can be addressed before they become consuming and costly obstacles:

  • Will rapid prototyping be the crucial link between initial studies and final production? 
  • Can the industrial design process guarantee total compliance (including biocompatibility testing and sterilization requirements)? 
  • Will your equipment use the correct materials per ISO requirements?
  • What are your sterile barrier and finished packaging needs? 
  • What is the best way to finalize the device?
Medical Device associate
A caring associate at Cogmedix uses a hand-held scanner while working on a benchtop medical device.

Medical Device Design for Manufacturability

Our process brings elegant and ergonomic medical devices to life.

We ensure all product and regulatory requirements are met, while enhancing serviceability and manufacturability by minimizing secondary assembly operations. This results in increased production efficiency and lower build cost.

Compliant Medical Device Design

Communication and collaborative efforts enable fast and efficient design, allowing medical device designs to evolve as needed without the lengthy delays typical of third-party design firms.

Cogmedix will guide your medical device through our proprietary phase-gated, compliance-focused design process: DFcx™. Your feedback is incorporated at every milestone, along with our insights based on experience accumulated over years of success designing and building medical devices.

Cogmedix Caring Associates work in separated areas with masks on during industrial design phases of this medical device build.