Laser Medical Device Testing

Controlled, accurate product testing is a top priority for the Caring Associates at Cogmedix, particularly when assembling laser-based and optical medical devices. Stringent quality control and total compliance with all state and federal regulatory agency specifications are a top priority.

Quality Testing for Laser Medical Equipment

Every laser-based device built at Cogmedix undergoes intensive testing. Elements including power, beam shape, pulse-width modulation, and other customer specifications are carefully reviewed under strictly controlled conditions. Since each laser device is custom-built for the customers’ specific applications, every detail and function must be considered and tested. Cogmedix Caring Associates are expected to provide the most precise and dependable products in the industry; they rely on decades of collective experience, customers that understand the importance of thorough product testing, and a comprehensive understanding of industry regulations to meet this standard of excellence.

Cogmedix Competitive Advantage

Many competitors lack the facilities to perform certain laser testing procedures. Cogmedix’s secure facility offers six dedicated laser testing labs where Caring Associates safely and effectively execute performance evaluations for all laser systems. In accordance with testing protocols, all lasers are powered up and tested exclusively in secure areas which are equipped with dedicated cooling systems, appropriate safety equipment, individually secured entryways, signage and indicators warning against access while testing is underway, and reminders to conform to all safety guidelines including the continuous use of appropriate eye protection.

optical assembly technician

Cogmedix Caring Associates are held to the same rigorous standards as the lasers they manufacture. Thorough, continuous training provides the skills and knowledge to effectively perform all required laser tests during the production and inspection stages of each laser. The incremental experience gained in the performance of each testing session adds to a collective pool of accumulated experience which guarantees quality and repeatability.

Understanding proper safety procedures and familiarity with testing protocols is crucial to carrying out accurate, repeatable tests. Every Cogmedix facility uses state-of-the-art equipment coupled with a reliable and proven competency based training methodology. A dedicated staff and tremendous manufacturing capabilities give customers a one-stop-shop experience. Cogmedix customers can avoid the significant capital investment that comes with designing, building and staffing their own laser device manufacturing and testing operations.

Laser Safety Training and Operational Supervision

cogmedix laser test lab door labelCogmedix views safety and effectiveness as the preeminent considerations with all lasers. For this reason, the Cogmedix laser safety program is overseen by an in-house laser safety officer (LSO) who has undergone extensive training and is certified by an accredited, independent third-party organization specializing in laser training.

As with any step in the manufacturing process, a testing regimen must be executed in a manner consistent with, and determined by, the characteristics relevant to the application of the item being tested. Cogmedix will work with you to develop and conduct accurate, comprehensive, and safe tests on all subassemblies and finished devices.