Columbia Tech is proud to be a member of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the largest manufacturing association in the United States. As a Massachusetts-based contract manufacturing service provider, Columbia Tech is pleased to be part of a national community of innovative manufacturing leaders who collaborate to ensure a progressive future for the nation’s industrial manufacturing sector.

Manufacturing Matters to All of Us

The American manufacturing industry is an important part of the economy. As of 2013, American manufacturers have contributed $2.09 trillion to the US economy. This represents an incredible 12% of gross domestic product (GDP). American manufacturers support an estimated 17.6 million jobs, which is one out of every six private-sector jobs. Nearly 12 million Americans are employed directly in manufacturing, which is 9% of all non-agricultural workers in the United States.

Manufacturing Matters in Massachusetts

Manufacturing matters to all of us in Massachusetts. Manufacturers, like Columbia Tech, employ hundreds of people in Massachusetts, offering high paying jobs such as working on a modern factory floor, to engineering and management positions. In Massachusetts, 7.2% of the state’s workforce is employed in manufacturing and they output over $45 billion in product each year.

Uniting Manufacturers Across the USA

The National Association of Manufacturers represents small and large manufacturers in all 50 states. They provide a unified voice for the manufacturing industry and advocate policies that will help US manufacturers, like Columbia Tech, to continue to compete on a global scale. Columbia Tech is proud to support the efforts of NAM as they continue to advance policies that will help American manufacturers create jobs and build economic strength.

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