3D printing technologies are rapidly gaining popularity in industrial manufacturing. Columbia Tech is proud to work closely with innovators to develop and manufacture capital equipment that supports the 3D printing industry, including 3D printers.


For organizations bringing new 3D printing devices to market, there is no better commercialization partner than Columbia Tech. At Columbia Tech, we provide services including product development, design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA), Scaled Product Launch™ (SPL), contract manufacturing, global fulfillment, and aftermarket services for those in the 3D printing industry.

associate 3d printing technician
caring associates oversee contract manufacturing for 3d printing
While 3D printing is a rapidly growing market, it is still in its infancy. As such, the greatest rewards go to those who are quickest to capitalize on change and bring their products to market rapidly and cost effectively. By working with Columbia Tech, your team is able to focus their talents on idea generation, early state product design, marketing, and sales while we handle other essential yet time-consuming tasks such as validation builds, production, supply chain management, and global fulfillment. All the while, we are working to bring your product to market as swiftly as possible. Our mantra at Columbia Tech is “Time to Market at WARP SPEED™”; we leverage our world-class ISO quality system and our global supply chain relationships to bring your products to market much faster than the competition.

For those in the 3D printing industry, delivering products to market faster than the competition typically means significant early market share gains in this emerging market. This fast growing industry will not wait for those who cannot stay ahead of the curve; timely and agile responses to new developments can make all the difference. We at Columbia Tech recognize this and always work transparently and passionately with your team to bring new 3D printing products to market faster than anyone else in the industry.

In an industry where transparent cost modeling, world-class quality and lean manufacturing are everyday expectations, we believe a core differentiating aspect of our business centers around our culture. Positive attitudes, treating people with respect and delivering an unmatched friendly, flexible and personalized client experience is what we strive for every day. It is something that others simply cannot replicate overnight. It’s a full team commitment and we will never stop iterating and improving.
Chris Coghlin

President and CEO

What can Columbia Tech do for you?

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Columbia Tech has been providing commercialization services to a diverse range of companies from venture backed startups to Fortune 100 companies for over 130 years. The 3D printing capital equipment industry may still be relatively new, but our industry-leading services are not.

We have great experience helping industry leading 3D printing innovators develop, manufacture, and bring next generation 3D printers to market, as well as other devices designed to support the 3D printing industry. A partnership with Columbia Tech promises continued success, profitability and forward movement in the 3D printing industry.


When it comes to developing and manufacturing market-ready products for the 3D printing space, Columbia Tech’s capabilities are only limited by your imagination. Whether you have a concept for a new 3D printer, filament extruder, or any additional product supporting this growing market, we have the experience, technology and skilled team to successfully bring that concept to life.

At Columbia Tech, we collaborate with nearly 500 commercialization professionals that we call Caring Associates. These engineers, manufacturing specialists, assemblers, QC experts, and test technicians make use of our state-of-the-art facilities and share decades of knowledge to help clients quickly turn any concept into reality.

Our in-house capabilities include systems development, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, software development, product validation, printed circuit board (PCB) development, PCB Assembly, DFMA, Scaled Product Launch™ (SPL), testing, troubleshooting, and of course, turnkey scalable contract manufacturing.


At Columbia Tech, quality assurance is at the forefront of our priorities. At every step of the commercialization process, we work diligently to ensure the highest quality assembly of your product. This includes detailed work instructions, stringent quality controls and advanced manufacturing processes that ensure every product we produce is built exactly to the necessary specifications.

Columbia Tech is registered to ISO 9001 and produces all products to the latest IPC standards. Columbia Tech is also equipped with multiple cleanroom facilities to properly accommodate all clean-sensitive modules and overhead cranes to accommodate large system builds.

If your product is set to revolutionize the 3D printing capital equipment market but requires guidance and expert time-to-market services, Columbia Tech is here to help. Contact us today and take your product from concept to commercialization at WARP SPEED™.

Contact Columbia Tech today to take your product from concept to commercialization at WARP SPEED™.