Manufacturing Essential Devices to Combat COVID-19

Coghlin Companies is proud to serve as an essential manufacturer and has been deemed critical in the fight against COVID-19. We remain supportive of our clients and are honored to share a fundamental role in current and future manufacturing needs in relation to combating this pandemic.

Businesses are classified as “essential” based on guidelines provided by Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). CISA identifies Critical Manufacturing as companies that support the manufacture of products for essential businesses. This critical manufacturing function is the reason that we have been able to continue to operate under previous and current state mandates throughout the pandemic for specific customers that have been deemed as essential and necessary.

Cogmedix Caring Associate wearing PPE working in cleanroom area

Essential Manufacturing at Coghlin Companies

While there has been a critical need for PPE such as masks and lifesaving equipment such as ventilators, there are many additional products that support the battle against COVID-19, as well as help maintain essential services that must remain uninterrupted. 

Coghlin Companies manufactures many of the devices that contribute to these efforts including:

  • Lab equipment used in the development of coronavirus test kits and by major pharmaceutical companies for analysis and quality control
  • Life-saving medical devices that directly impact those affected by COVID-19
  • Automated warehouse technology supporting the fulfillment and delivery of critical supplies
  • Microelectronics and semiconductors for a wide variety of communication and IT products
  • 3D printing devices needed by healthcare systems and essential infrastructure suppliers to keep their plants, equipment, and machines operational
  • Devices relating to the detection of COVID-19 and the development of a vaccine, as well as meeting the continuing demand for the full range of products that supply the needs of healthcare globally
  • Components and assemblies used in product lines that support major communication carriers

Keeping Our Caring Associates Safe

At Coghlin Companies, the health and safety of our Caring Associates remains our top priority. Stringent protocols have been put in place to ensure a safe work environment, including regular communications about good hygiene and social distancing practices, providing hand sanitizer and masks to all associates, and limiting the number of people in any one area at a time. All associates are required to wear masks when they are not able to maintain proper social distancing, and enter through a single point of entry at each of our facilities where they pass through temperature screening. Outside guests are only recommended when a visit is critical, and the vast majority of our in-person meetings have switched to a virtual format.

Our team of Caring Associates stands ready with a positive attitude and diligent work ethic to help in any way we can during these unprecedented times!

essential manufacturing during covid-19