Medical Device Applications: Markets Served

Cogmedix has the ability to compliantly design, assemble and test Class I, II, and III medical devices for a wide range of applications.

As medical device technology continues to advance and diversify, the demand for skilled, reliable product development and manufacturing services has steadily increased. A growing number of OEMs trust Cogmedix to ensure their innovative medical devices will be designed and produced in accordance with the most stringent quality standards and regulations.

Aesthetic, Cosmetic and Dermatological

Aesthetic medical technology, including
cosmetic and dermatological lasers, is a rapidly growing industry. These devices are used for a diverse range of treatment applications including hair removal, tattoo removal, skin revitalization and rejuvenation, scar treatment, and acne treatment. Cogmedix has years of experience producing advanced aesthetic laser devices for prominent companies within the medical device industry.

Diagnostic, Imaging and Assessment

During the assessment phase of patient treatment, medical professionals have access to a range of advanced technologies that allow them to see and explore the human body. Diagnostic equipment encompasses familiar machines such as those used for MRIs, ultrasounds and x-rays, as well as more specialized equipment such as behavioral monitoring systems for diagnosing cognitive and functional disorders.


The dental industry is a competitive market where quality, ease of use and a rapid time-to-market are imperative for success. New and advanced equipment like dental lasers provide faster, more reliable, and less invasive, pain free dental procedures. Professional dentists use lasers to perform cleaning, whitening, restoration, and oral surgery. Dental laser devices are separated into two categories based on use: devices meant for hard tissue procedures and others suited for soft tissue procedures.


Ophthalmology equipment is used to examine, evaluate and treat the eye. Most notably, laser ophthalmology devices have been instrumental in advancing the ophthalmic industry by decreasing treatment time and greatly improving recovery time. They are typically used to correct vision; correct congenital defects; and treat diseases, infections, or injuries.


The category of surgical equipment includes a wide array of instruments. Modern medicine has benefitted from advances in surgical instrumentation and technology, which have led to minimized recovery times and increased maneuverability during invasive or high-risk procedures. Surgical laser devices can be used during sterilization, endoscopic surgery; they can even function as scalpels. Cogmedix has the expertise to produce these advanced surgical instruments and surgical laser devices.


Orthopedic medical devices include surgical and nonsurgical means of treating musculoskeletal trauma, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, congenital disorders, and diseases of the spine. The medical devices utilized in this branch of medicine are highly specialized to better treat individual patients and disorders. These devices may include braces, motion assistance orthoses, internal fixation devices, replacement joints, and surgical products.

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