Peter Rizzo
Manager of Positive Client Relations

In the era of innovation, focus has shifted away from producers and toward consumers.  Innovation trends are making services and products more convenient to utilize, so the frequency of utilization increases.  Increased utilization means increased data points.  More data means more improvement.  Improvement begets innovation.  And the cycle continues.

These are lessons I learned at the latest monthly meeting of NEHEN (New England Health Executives Network).  Each month NEHEN holds a gathering with a panel of experts speaking to the “today” and “tomorrow” of various topics.  On April 4, the topic was “Succeeding in the New Healthcare Era.”  The panelists discussed the patient-focused movement among service providers and med-tech companies.  For example, Twine Collaborative Care has developed a software platform that allows patients to conveniently and frequently communicate with healthcare providers while tracking personal health information with a smartphone.  This allows a health coach to send you a text message at lunch to remind you to “skip the chips” while you work toward improving your blood pressure stats.

What I heard from the panelists inspired me to think about the ways we as medical device contract manufacturing service providers already adopt this approach.  In business, as in life, it’s just too easy to have a misstep and get hurt.  That’s why here at Cogmedix, we focus on positive client outcomes the way organizations like Twine Collaborative Care focus on patient outcomes.  Just as in the healthcare service industries, we’re focused on making the journey to commercial success as convenient and transparent as possible for clients.  The relationships built with our Caring Associates are rooted in flexibility, integrity, and trust. These core values have been the foundation of the Coghlin Companies approach since 1885.